The Show
Devilry is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the weird, unknown, the strange, and bizarre. It seeks out the stories in history, culture, and our own life, which force us to question the nature of the world in which we live.

In a world dominated by materialism and mercantilism, is it any wonder that we crave for something beyond the daily drudgery around us? Is it any wonder that we should renounce reason in the face of a fascinating tale? What more if the tale were true? What if Plato was right-that which cannot be seen, or perhaps only seen in shadow and myth-that is what is really important.

Often what we think of as fantasy, fiction, even folklore has a tendency to jump out from the edges of our reason and into our scientific world to throw our perception of reality awry. We can, as many do, dismiss them as mire hallucination, yet stories of the strange and miraculous keep popping up no matter how hard we try to rationalize them away.

Matthew William Motsinger

Matthew is a Michigander, the country he comes from is called the Midwest. He is an avid hiker, mountain biker, micro-brew drinker, and podcaster.

A disciple of H.P. Lovecraft, Montague Summers, and Arthur Machen, he spends his days reading some kind of wonderlust and his nights in front of the boob tube watching old British horror flicks like that of Hammer Studios and Amicus Productions.

Matthew lives in Kalamazoo with his beautiful wife and his side-kick Shih Tzu, Kujo.